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Studio B

Use various techniques including flats, hills, intervals, and jumps to improve endurance and strength so you can hit the road with speed and power.

Aqua Boot Camp

Therapy Pool

Kick up the intensity with timed drills and boot camp exercises with water equipment to make you sweat but not batter your body. Will get you into shape and out […]

Interval Challenge

Studio A

Cardio and strength moves are combined to increase your metabolic rate. Interval training can be adjusted to all fitness levels.

Water Workout

Therapy Pool

A full-body strengthening and cardiovascular workout using the properties of water and equipment to train without joint strain. Improve endurance & strengthen your core, heart, and lungs.


Studio B

Qigong (qi means energy and gong means skills) are movement exercises that form an important branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Designed to improve energy flow in the body to enhance […]


Studio A

Traditional, moderately-paced meditative practice that focuses on proper breathing, flexibility, strength, & vitality in body while calming the mind. Establish the basics with options for variations to offer a challenge […]

Arthritis Water Workout

Therapy Pool

Gentle water aerobics that draws on the warmth of the pool to facilitate basic range of motion and strength exercises.


Studio A

A Zumba® class with all the original moves you love at a lower-intensity.  The design of the class introduces easy-to-follow choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion, and coordination.

EZ Movers

Studio A

A gentle, low-impact workout that increases balance, endurance, and strength. Exercises may be performed standing or seated in a chair.

Rock Steady Boxing

Studio A & Studio B

A circuit-style boxing class for people with Parkinson's to help improve reflexes, balance, neuromuscular memory, posture, & slow the progression of the disease symptoms.  Small group training sessions include periods […]


Studio A

Jab, punch, and kick during an energetic kickboxing class. Cardio, coordination, and fun will be emphasized.


Studio A

A total body workout using light to moderate weights & high repetitions. You will be coached through scientifically-proven moves & techniques using cutting-edge choreography set to chart-topping music. Sculpt, tone, […]

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