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Aquatic Class Schedule April-June 2021 Group Exercise Schedule April -June

Interval Challenge

Studio A

Cardio and strength moves are combined to increase your metabolic rate. Interval training can be adjusted to all fitness levels.


Studio B

Qigong (qi means energy and gong means skills) are movement exercises that form an important branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Designed to improve energy flow in the body to enhance […]


Studio A

Traditional, moderately-paced meditative practice that focuses on proper breathing, flexibility, strength, & vitality in body while calming the mind. Establish the basics with options for variations to offer a challenge […]


Studio A

A Zumba® class with all the original moves you love at a lower-intensity.  The design of the class introduces easy-to-follow choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion, and coordination.

EZ Movers

Studio A

A gentle, low-impact workout that increases balance, endurance, and strength. Exercises may be performed standing or seated in a chair.

Rock Steady Boxing

Studio A & Studio B

A circuit-style boxing class for people with Parkinson's to help improve reflexes, balance, neuromuscular memory, posture, & slow the progression of the disease symptoms.  Small group training sessions include periods […]


Studio A

Jab, punch, and kick during an energetic kickboxing class. Cardio, coordination, and fun will be emphasized.


Studio A

A total body workout using light to moderate weights & high repetitions. You will be coached through scientifically-proven moves & techniques using cutting-edge choreography set to chart-topping music. Sculpt, tone, […]

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